What is Proximity Marketing?

How Can Proximity Marketing Be Used by Businesses?

Proximity Marketing is most useful for directing foot traffic to your business location, so it can be used by anyone who needs to reach folks nearby. Our Bluetooth Flairs are ideal for brick-and-mortar storefronts, to offer special deals or offers to passing customers to entice them inside. The Flairs can also be used at networking events to broadcast your message and garner more interest and introductions.

Vendors at celebrations and festivals can utilize our Flairs to draw more attendees to their booths, and conferences are a great place to use your Flair to draw people to your panels and booths. Any use case where you’d like to broadcast your marketing messaging directly onto the smartphones of people nearby can benefit from our Flairs and proximity marketing technology.

Get more ideas on how to use mobile proximity marketing here with proximity use cases.

Benefits to using our Bluetooth Flair for Proximity Marketing

There are several features of using a Flair for marketing that just can’t be matched by traditional marketing platforms. Consider these special use cases powered by our flair technology:

    • Secret menus for restaurants
    • Special discounts for those who are in close proximity to your business
    • Special loyalty programs for frequent visitors
    • Calls to Action for those who are in your store such as “Like us on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter”, or “Send out a message on social media and get $x or x% off your bill”


How Our Flairs Works with Your Phone

    • Android
      • Our Flair technology is already baked into the phone, with no additional downloads needed.
      • 88% of all smartphones run Android Worldwide, with native Beacon technology included, no downloads needed.
      • 67% of all smartphones in the US run Android, giving you access to a huge pool of potential customers.
    • iPhone
      • As of now, you only need to download the Physical Web Browser from the App store to begin using our Flair technology.

Who Are We?

Welcome to Physical Web Solutions. A collaboration between Goldstein Media and ESC Markeing Group marketing agencies based in the Philadelphia-metro area.

Combined, they have more than 20 years of experience in the digital and traditional marketing space.

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