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Leave Your Paper Cards At Home

Is your networking a waste of time? How do you fix it?

Networking can be very effective for spreading the word about your business but it can be expensive. Relationship building can pay off, but it’s possible that you’re wasting your time and money, and working harder than necessary.

Why? Because your only point of contact with your new potential networking partners after the event, your business card, is probably getting lost. Maybe they drop your card in a box, or leave it in a pile on their desk.

Maybe (gasp) they throw your card out if they decide they don’t need your service.

How do you stay top of mind while staying in their contact list?


A digital business card.

Traditional business cards are an example of an out dated marketing tool and they’re failing you, the networking professional. Printed cards were great in the 80s. It’s 2018!

Digital business cards live on your phone as a mini web page and can be shared with anyone anyplace via beacon, text, QR code or email.

They take up no space on someone’s desk. When you share your card with a new networking partner, you can easily transfer it from your smartphone to theirs.

They can then add you to their contacts with a single click: they’ll get your photo, full contact information and web address, bio, and any other relevant links to your business social media profiles.

Now when you call them for a follow up, your photo shows up on their caller ID! Talk about instant recognition! Having a digital business card gives you an edge over your competition and can save you a lot of time by not wasting your networking efforts.

And you never run out of cards!

Goldstein Media has over ten years experience getting you found in the digital space.

Let us help you be remembered in the real-world networking space. We create attractive, multi-functional digital business cards to make it more likely you’ll stand out from networking events and get contacted.

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